Prep Time for Oral Argument

We’re in the midst of preparation for oral argument.  We’ll return to our usual posts next week.

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Lady Justice, D.C.-Style

This is how justice rolls in D.C.

Above the Law has the details here.

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Rather Than Pay $260 Fine, D.C. Resident Unsuccessfully Sues DMV to Renew a Driver’s License

Lucas Wall wanted to renew his D.C. driver’s license.  His main problem, however, was that he had an outstanding speeding ticket in Maine from 2006. The prosecutor there had agreed to enter a nolle prosequi, but the case was never … Continue reading

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Two New Opinions for the Second Day of the New Year

The Court of Appeals is celebrating its return to work in the New Year with a couple of opinions issued today.  The first is Fraternal Order of Police v. District of Columbia, a dispute over a FOIA request concerning the “Intoxilyzer 5000EN,” a device used by the Metropolitan Police Department (“MPD”) to measure the amount of alcohol in a suspect’s breath.  The second is a twenty-page opinion about DMV’s failure to renew a driver’s license, Wall v. Babers.  More to follow shortly.

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Court of Appeals Overturns Conviction for Possessing a Firearm and Ammunition

On December 19, 2013, a divided panel of the Court of Appeals overturned the convictions of James Schools for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of an unregistered firearm, and unlawful possession of ammunition. The majority — … Continue reading

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Court of Appeals Upholds Denial of Funds for Revoked D.C. Charter School

On December 26, the Court of Appeals upheld the Superior Court’s decision in an appeal concerning funds that were allocated for a public charter school, Kamit Institute for Magnificent Achievers (“Kamit”), but were not disbursed due to the revocation of … Continue reading

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Court of Appeals Issues Three Opinions On December 26

On December 26, 2013, the Court of Appeals issued three new opinions.  The opinions are available on the court’s website.

Two of the three opinions were disciplinary actions against attorneys: In re Stillwell and In re Cegelski.

The third opinion is Kamit Institute for Magnificent Achievers v. D.C. Public Charter School Board, a dispute concerning public funds for a now-defunct charter school.  A summary of this case will be posted shortly.


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Monetary and Injunctive Relief Against D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue Rejected As Exceeding OAH’s Authority

This is an interesting case, brought pro se by D.C. residents caught in an administrative nightmare caused by a computer intent on overcharging them for their tax liability.  The unanimous opinion, decided December 19, 2013, starts out with a reference … Continue reading

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Court Issues Five New Opinions

On December 19, the D.C. Court of Appeals issued five new opinions.  One is a suspension action of an attorney, two are criminal cases, and two are civil cases.

More to follow.

The cases can be downloaded here.

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Three D.C. Lawyers Recommended to Fill Spot on D.C. Court of Appeals

The nomination and selection process exemplifies the connection between the federal and local realms.  Today, the D.C. Judicial Nomination Commission reported the names of three local attorneys to fill the vacancy on the Court of Appeals created when Judge Kathryn … Continue reading

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